"El Aedo Teatro: a new reference for classical theater for young people"

(Diario Ideal) 

EL AEDO (the Bard) is a company dedicated to the artistic creation, with special attention in the promotion and specialization of the young audience.


The company focuses its activity on producing theatrical artistic shows, as well as on cultural training for young people and professionals through the exhibition of these shows (more than thirty shows since 2008), publications (seven publications to date) and training workshops for teenagers and young people and professionals of the performing arts and the field of education (development of the own program Replica Program).

The work of our company has already been awarded with numerous recognitions, such as the National Award of Greco-Roman Theater 2008 by the Ministry of Education, the Audience Award for Best Show of the Theater Network of Castilla La Mancha in 2014, the Nomination for the Prize Andalusians of the Future in 2009, the Best Actor Award for the Seville City Council in 2009, the Best Actor Award for the International Theater Festival of Oropesa in 2015 and the Best Andalusian Work Award for the Program Desencaja of the Andalucía´s Govern in 2016.

The work of El Aedo Teatro begins to position itself as a reference in classical theater and theater for young audience and, in the last two years, we have worked in key stages of Spanish theatrical culture, such as Teatro Fernán Gómez de Madrid, el Festival Internacional de Teatro Clásico de Mérida, el Festival del Sur Palma del Río, el Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, la Red de Teatros de Castilla La Mancha y de Castilla y León, la Red de Teatros Romanos de Andalucía, el Teatro Infanta Isabel de Madrid, las Jornadas de Teatro de Siglo de Oro de Almería, ... and international stages as the Museo Nacional Arqueológico de Lisboa (Portugal), la Sala d ́Evolution de Estrasburgo (France) or our participation with its own text in the Instituto Cervantes de Berlín (Germany).

EL AEDO - 2017-18

Jesús Torres

Actor / Productor / Director

Antonio M.


Marta Malone


Viveka Rytzner


Antonio Albella

Actor "Contaminatio"

Darío Frías

Actor "Contaminatio"

Naím Thomas

Compositor "Contaminatio"

Raúl Gama

Compositor "Contaminatio", "La Odisea"

Carlos Tuñon

Director "Animales Nocturnos"

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Carol Delgado

Actriz / Producción

Elena de Frutos


Pablo Gómez Pando


Juan Ángel Melero


Roma Calderón

Actriz "Contaminatio"

Carla Hidalgo

Actriz "Contaminatio"

Alberto Arcos

Coreógrafo "Contaminatio"

Jose Ponce de León

Diseñador Gráfico

Raquel Berini

Prensa y Comunicación

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Jesús Díaz Cortés

Jefe Técnico

José Luis Verguizas


Irene Serrano


Diego Olivares


Rubén Frías

Actor "Contaminatio"

Guido Balzaretti

Actor "Contaminatio"

Alessio Meloni


Fran de Gonari

Diseñador de Vestuario

Zoe Martín Lago

Asesora de Dramaturgia

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